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Tasty Plate's New Catering Manager

17-Mar-2017 Some of our astute regular customers may have noted subtle changes in their catering; we are delighted to welcome Kittipat Esposito into her new role as Catering Manager.
Kittipat is no stranger to Tasty Plate, having worked as our Mobile & Fine Dining Chef for several years.
Kittipat has an eye for producing dishes finished with exquisite detail, and is bringing that attention to detail to her new role.

Kittipat was born and raised in Thailand in a large Chinese family. Kittipat, the youngest of eleven siblings, learned to cook at an early age so that she could take her turn to feed the family.
She then went on to graduate from university with a degree in foreign languages, and secured work with several international companies where she met and followed her Australian husband to Australia.

Kittipat worked for several years in Asian restaurants before deciding to train as a chef at SW TAFE. During her training she discovered that she had an interest in Western food, especially the artistic side of cooking. At Tasty Plate we are very happy that Kittipat decided to take up a position here and guide Tasty Plate through the next exciting stages!

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